About me


Koldo is a site reliability engineer, sysadmin or whatever you want to call him…

He is working in IT for +15 years with some satisfied companies and customers on his back. He is always willing to help and to learn new technologies.

I really don’t like to speak about me in the third person, but it’s quite common!!! So I will stop now…

I’m based in Dublin (Ireland) since 2018.

I love to work with other people, if they are kind with me, but I could also work, sometimes alone in the dark!

I started with a spectrum lot of years ago, but I also had some Sun Netra’s at home, and an alpha workstation with Windows NT 64 and with Tru64 Unix, that almost caused me a divorce. My wife is not very understanding, when she have’s a room with 5 or 6 computers and I don’t know why!!!!!!!!!

What do I do in my spare time? I did lot of different sports, from yoga, to power lifting, bodybuilding, martial arts, running, etc… but I also love to go to udemy, linuxacademy or YouTube and try to follow some trainings!

I have to say, that I love my profession, but I also like some party (not all the days ok?) going to the beach, strange films, music…

This is me, in one of my travels to Bali (Indonesia).